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Dear Seniors and Parents,


It is with a heavy heart we regret to inform you that per Mr. Norby, the Senior Party has been cancelled.  There are many factors involved in putting on the party, but first and foremost, our concern is the health and safety of all our students and volunteers.  As you can imagine, an event of this size would simply not be in the best interest of anyone nor would we be in accordance with the Governor's orders of social distancing!  So moving forward, we will be sending you a refund check in the amount of $65 along with a small memento we had purchased for each student.  We had overhead costs that originally went into planning the party, down payments and a few additional expenses (i.e.T-shirts). Obviously since we had no idea of our current situation, this is the amount we are able to refund.   


Again, we are so very sorry and sad that we are in this situation.  You have much to be proud of and celebrate, and we challenge you to not focus on the loss of this one event but rather on the many achievements you have had over the years!  Your future is bright and full of opportunities!  Who knows, maybe some of you will help to discover a vaccination for this awful virus, or be on the front-lines helping others through tragic situations!  Whatever your path may be, we are confident you will be successful and make a difference in this world!  You will look back and remember you were the class who gave up a party to make sure others remained healthy!  We thank you!  


If you have any further questions please feel free to email us.  The refund checks should be mailed out within a couple of weeks!


Thank you for your understanding!  Be safe, be well and stay healthy! 




The Senior Party Committee,


Steve Madson, Karen Lysne, Robin Nyquist